10 Things to Never Say to Parents of a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

Some things should be common sense. So it would seem. However, when your child has struggles with a disorder that causes frustrating behaviors, sometimes you get some strange looks, and you definitely get some off-beat comments. Today, I am sharing the top 10 things you should never say to parents of a child with sensory processing disorder.

Stop Saying these things to parents of a child with Sensory Processing Disorder

I want to start by saying that before I knew about sensory processing disorder, I probably said some of these things too. In fact, I want to admit that there are times I still think them in my head when I am self-doubting everything we are doing to help our son. So, that’s the real reason for this plea.

You see, parents of a child with sensory processing disorder are fragile. We carry  a lot of guilt and we are constantly wondering if it is our parenting skills our our child’s ability (or inability) to process information. These phrases just cut us down and add to that guilt. They make our skin crawl and they make us want to scream.

Rest assured, though… those screams are screams crying for acceptance not screams of hate. In fact, we are screaming because we want so badly to explain what our children need to strangers like you and our loved ones, but it’s just so hard.

Top 10 Things to Never Say to Parents of a Child with Sensory Processing Disorder

“It’s just a phase.” | No, no it is not just a phase. A phase is liking a red shirt over a blue shirt. A phase is not screaming because your socks don’t feel good.

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