15 Unforgettable Acts of Kindness That Helped Cancer Patients Through Treatment

By: Erin Migdol

Throughout the challenges of a cancer diagnosis and treatment, it’s the kindness of others that often brings hope and positivity to your day. Whether it’s as simple as a phone call or as big as a donation towards your treatment, friends and even strangers can never underestimate the power of kindness on someone facing cancer. Their actions will likely never be forgotten.

We partnered with Fuck Cancer to ask our communities what acts of kindness they have witnessed throughout their cancer experiences. The heartfelt stories they shared reveal that to a person going through cancer, knowing someone is thinking of them and wants to help make their day brighter can help them face their diagnosis. If you know someone with cancer, let these stories serve as inspiration as you support your loved ones.

Here’s what the community shared with us:

1.When I had cancer, around 12 years old, I was horrified of losing my hair. Most of my male classmates and my best friend (a female) shaved their heads for me and broadcast it on a screen that was in my ICU room since I couldn’t be around anyone. I’ll never forget that day.”

2.We had a group of friends who dropped off many meals and snacks throughout the eight rounds of chemo. They had coolers put on our back deck. They dropped ice and pre-made meals into the coolers and texted us before and after drop off.

They didn’t want to bother us if we were not up to answering but wanted us to know they cared. They even had a list on the preferences of our family.

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